This is a very easy-to-do, everyday fundraising activity that benefits our school.  Just clip the “boxtops” from participating brands of products you normally purchase from stores.

Boxtops look something like this:

Boxtops Example

How do I participate?

  1. Find the boxtop on the participating product. For a complete list of products (as well as for coupons for these products), check the Boxtops For Education website.
  2. Cut the boxtop from the package. Please clip as close to the dotted line as possible. This saves on shipping costs when we redeem the boxtops.
  3. Send the boxtops to school. Place them in an envelope or plastic baggie and deposit in the collection basket outside of the main office. (We cannot cash in on expired boxtops, so please just discard them.)
  4. Each one is worth 10 cents! Our office coordinator will periodically pick up the boxtops, count them, and send them in.

For information on our school’s progress, check out the Boxtops For Education website at http://www.boxtops4education.com/earnings.